crystal healing

crystal healingCrystal Healing is a non-invasive ancient therapy, whose purpose is to treat holistically, and to restore balance.

This therapy works effectively alongside orthodox healthcare, thereby expanding treatment options.

It can be combined with other Complementary Therapies, such as:
Ma'at Sekhem and Reiki
Magnified Healing &
Photonic Acupressure.

Crystals can help many problems including:

  • Allergies (strengthening immune system)
  • Arthritis
  • Asthma
  • Broken bones/sports injuries
  • Concentration problems
  • Digestive disorders
  • Epilepsy
  • Heart/Circulation problems
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Insomnia
  • Kidney/Bladder problems
  • Menopause
  • M.E. / C.F.S. / Fibromyalgia
  • Pain/inflammation
  • PMT
  • Skin conditions
  • Stress/anxiety/tension

crystals help animalsCrystals are also helpful with:

  • Releasing redundant thought patterns and negative beliefs.
  • Relieving stress, tension, coping with changes of any sort.
  • Providing greater insight into the cause of specific problems.
  • Revitalisation, relaxation, calming / clearing the mind and establishing a greater amount of peace and harmony.
  • Clearing, negating and transmuting negative, heavy energies within the immediate surroundings - e.g. a particular room.
  • Negating geopathic stress.
  • Negating electromagnetic smog from mobiles, computers, TV's etc.

Experience these amazing energies for yourself. Enjoy a personal treatment, join one of my varied workshops and learn techniques to enrich and change your life permanently including the lives of those around you, including your animals. Look at my Courses page for details.

Contact me to find out if Crystal Healing could help you.

How Does Crystal Healing Work?

Each type of crystal / mineral has a unique energy frequency (because of its unique internal structure) which resonates, and interacts, with the biomagnetic field that surrounds every living thing. This "field" is our "aura".

Science has proven the existence of both the aura (which can be captured by Kirlian photography) and the piezo & pyro-electric frequencies of crystals.

Their properties enable them to absorb, reflect, direct, transform, transmute, clear, focus, balance and amplify energies. Crystals and minerals make up most of the Earth's crust and also reside in the human body.

Therapists have many different types of crystals and can tailor treatments to suit individual needs.

What can I expect during and from a treatment?

crystal therapy toolsYou'll be asked to remove your shoes & jewellery and to lie on the therapist's couch, fully clothed. The therapist will then help you to feel relaxed and begin to place crystal around, then on, your body.

You may feel subtle tingling, or slight drafts, or nothing at all. Even if you feel nothing, changes will still be happening at subtle levels. You'll discuss a treatment plan and be advised to drink more water over the next 24hrs.

Dogs, cats and horses all respond well to Crystal Healing. Cats and dogs will lie, or sleep with the crystals, simply moving away when they've had enough. Treatments can be successfully adapted for horses.

A "one-off treatment" can be beneficial, but a treatment plan can be discussed and reviewed as necessary. Why not pamper yourself? Come and relax, in peaceful surroundings, in my tranquil Therapy Room. Book a treatment today!

Case Histories

Male - 45 yrs. Epilepsy for 10 years
Rosie gave him a few, specific crystals to place under the pillow and carry in his pocket. After approx 1 month, his puzzled consultant advised him to drop 1 lot of pills. More crystals were introduced. After a year free of fits, he was able to re-apply for driving license.
Nov '06 - Fit, free for almost 3 yrs, driving and employed again for 2 years.

Lady - 52yrs. Frozen shoulder for 6 months
After 2 sessions, shoulder "released". After 4 more, movement and pain improved. GP very pleased, but puzzled! Physio was still needed to rebuild muscle.

Lady - 45 yrs. Severe dental infection
Following extraction - limited response to antibiotics. Drank specific Crystal Elixir for 2 days and dentist was amazed at the difference!


"Thanks for helping XXXX; she seems calmer from it. Had to tell you that XXXX has also had a health issue for the past 3 months that has gone tonight, after the distance healing! I don't think it's coincidence; thank you."
(D.S. - Thurgaton.)

"I just felt negative about everything...All the way thru' the Crystal treatment I felt pains, in certain areas, but also calm, relaxed and at peace...Remarkably, I'm always positive about things now; no matter how bad things get I can always find something good from it."
(Jan - Stoke)

"I've been given both Crystal & Sekhem / Reiki Healing and, in each case, Rosie has been successful in relieving symptoms...I think 'intuitive' is the only way to describe her talent and I'm happy to recommend her."
(S.T. - Bingham)

"My rescue dog's problem was aggressive tendencies towards other dogs. Rosie practiced Crystal & Reiki Healing to try to keep him calm and balanced. After 5 or 6 home visits, he's not perfect but definitely improved."
(Elaine - Long Eaton)

"I'm making a speedy recovery, with very little pain and I'm sure some of it's down to you...I think the Distance Crystal Healing's worked."
(J.B. - Sawley : broken hip, crushed pelvis, serious internal infection)