1. The tracks are fictional stories about you, the Traveller, & listening to them can help facilitate healing & growth on mental, emotional & spiritual levels.
  2. Simply listening to the stories, even without lying down & attempting to meditate, will enable the Traveller to daydream & be distracted from daily thoughts & problems for a while. Daydreaming is a form of meditation & most people are able to do it so meditation is not as alien to them as they make think!
  3. The stories connect to the sub-conscious mind whilst the logical brain (left side) is busy listening to the details, enabling a deeper healing & spiritual growth to take place.
  4. The added appeal is that each meditation is a little adventure, so children can enjoy them too, along with inexperienced & experienced meditators.
  5. Ancient Egyptians believed that there were 9 parts of "The Self", including "The Shadow Self" (Khaibet). There are 9 regions in Mythicca, including "The Land of Shadows". We all have a "Shadow Side" & must learn to understand it, accept it & integrate it, so that Inner Balance will be achieved & maintained.
  6. The fact that there are so many characters & regions symbolizes that we one can't function as a whole until all parts are integrated & working harmoniously.
  7. The scripts are quite "busy" by comparison to some meditations. This is a deliberate aid to shutting out "internal chatter", which can prove to be a great barrier for many, resulting in people trying too hard to relax & inevitably giving up. Testimonials show that people have no problem in following the Mythicca scripts.
  8. Mythicca scripts are not based around any religion; they encompass many belief systems, legends & myths, such as Greek, Roman, Buddhism, Judaism, Wiccan, Angelic, Ancient Egyptian, Power Animals, Ascended Masters, Mythical creatures & more, often served up with humour!
  9. The music is little more than synthesized chords as research has shown that these, with the absence of a discernable tune, can enable the Traveller to relax more easily by stimulating the alpha brain waves; the ones required for meditation & concentration.
  10. Furthermore, research (by Peter Hübner) has shown that such chords can be beneficial to those attempting to overcome traumatic events or are dealing with serious illnesses.
  11. The sound effects & musical inflections within each track are created specifically to enhance the power of the words & background music.
  12. The stories & continued character development aid the Traveller's growth & healing gradually, at the Traveller's pace, avoiding healing crises.
  13. Each track creates resources for inner strength & personal growth. Repeated listening fortifies the bonds formed & builds on the existing resources.
  14. The stories both "ground" & "lift" the Traveller as the benefits are brought forth into waking life.
  15. The Land of Mythicca is really inside us all & we can "travel" within ourselves, to connect to our Innate Wisdom, gaining self-awareness & finding Inner Peace along the way.
  16. Looking within is extremely daunting; searching through the Darkness (i.e. the parts of our self we don't like, or revisiting painful memories) to find the Light, but with gentle guidance, fear will dissolve, giving way to the realization that the scariest thing is actually the "Fear" itself. Inner Peace & Balance will start to replace the fear.
  17. The answers always lie within; Mythicca helps facilitate this awareness so that energy isn't wasted in seeking answers from various outside sources, comforts & other people. Self-acceptance, self-love & inner peace are rightfully yours & Mythicca aids this self-discovery.
  18. The Inner Child character is very connected to the Higher Self (in the stories) & has obviously received/ is still receiving help from the Higher Self. Even if the Traveller's Inner Child is damaged it's hoped that on a subtle level, they will have had some healing & the beginnings of a connection between all the selves after hearing the first few scripts. The more one listens, the stronger & more tangible the connection should be.
  19. The Traveller (i.e. the ego/physical self) helps the Inner Child without realising it, during the scripts & vice versa. The Higher Self is an overshadowing presence - but subtly so. Positive connections occur, at very subtle levels. By personalising the characters, it's a way of de-personalising sensitive Inner Child work. Most people can probably enjoy a "story" where they interact / help a child, but if they know that they MUST do Inner Child work, it can put barriers up before the session. The Inner Child character, in the story, is given credibility for his/her knowledge (he/she has an androgynous name, as does the Higher Self & many other characters). Rosie knows several people who've attended Inner Child Workshops & it's really opened up old wounds, without reconstructing the person, to any great degree; she wanted something totally different & recognised the great responsibility in writing for the Inner Child. There are opportunities, in the scripts, to talk to the Inner Child & listen to what he/she has to say. If there's a lot to say / hear, it can be covered by hearing the scripts again. The Inner Child in the story does have vulnerability but the scripts show ways in which he/she has learned to cope & what resources are in place - which can then be absorbed as the Traveller's resources.
  20. The Traveller is awakened to new understandings, dimensions & self-awareness. Greater self-insight aids spiritual awareness, mental & emotional development as well as affording a greater understanding & tolerance of others.
  21. The scripts can facilitate an increase in creativity, decision making, self-esteem & clarity of thought.
  22. There are no subliminals in the tracks; the messages are all in the spoken words of the multi-layered scripts. The scripts are multi-layered to cater for all levels, from children, through beginners, who are on the first steps of their Spiritual Journey, to the Advanced.