mythicca part three

Mythicca Part 3As with Parts 1 & 2, the meditations are designed to appeal to everyone; children, inexperienced or experienced meditators as the scripts are multi-layered. The Higher Self & Inner Child characters reappear and their relationship with the Traveller is deepened with each new adventure; old friends are on hand to help as well as new.

Feelings of relaxation and self-empowerment will also be reinforced the more one listens to the multi-layered scripts.

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MYTHICCA PART 3 is a double CD with three tracks in total.

CD 1

1. Terrana - Earth Region (64 mins)


2. Protection - Higthéran's Castle in the Sky (30mins 38secs)

3. The Garden of Tranquillity (26mins 22secs)

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About this CD


Solaris Jungle"Terrana" deals with the importance of colour and there are references to the Ascended Masters and associated hierarchy, like Elohim, Arch Angels and also fairies.

(Left: The Jungle of Solaris, Flammos)

The Traveller intuition is strengthened and resources obtained during this roller-coaster of an adventure (with many of Mythicca's inhabitants) injected with humour.

Steve has really gone to town with the sound effects and musical effects on this track; it also features Tim Chimes on bongo & conga drums and shaker.

"Terrana" is dedicated to the memories of my beloved horses - the *Dun (died Oct 1996) and the chestnut *Arabian (died Jan 2002), not forgetting Rishma, (whom I never met) who was the mother of the Arabian. May their spirits roam eternally free across the Mythiccan skies, fields and oceans and their voices be carried to me on the Winds of Fortune, as they graze in Sundance Pastures, in the Valley of Moonbeams, for All Time - Lo-Li-Pe-Su xxx

* Names in the tracks have been changed.

Dun Arabian

Protection - Higthéran's Castle in the Sky

I had intended for the 2nd track to be "Hurricana", the Air Region, but that will now be in Part 4. This track, presented itself to me and may be viewed as having Wiccan overtones...or is it an Angelic theme? It's your journey, decide!

RishmaI regard Spiritual Protection as extremely important and this track will stand the Traveller in good stead for the challenge presented by the Shadow Creatures in "Hurricana." The concepts of Twin-Flames / Split-Aparts / Male-Female Balance in all things are also addressed and entwined with Cardinal Points & Elements.

(Right: Rishma - One of Poseidon & Neptune's White Night-Mares of the Sea).


earth air Fire Water
Earth Air Fire Water

The Garden of Tranquillity

"The Garden Of Tranquillity" is one of the shorter tracks in the series, so far, and designed for the Traveller to play as often as is needed to facilitate Inner Journeying more readily. It emphasizes the importance of looking within to connect to the Inner Peace & Wisdom of the True Self. Valuable resources and gifts are on offer in this special Garden of Wisdom & Tranquillity.

Ashanti Tranquil Garden Baylen Glavka
Ashanti The Tranquil Garden Baylen Glavka wise owl of Athena

Starting the Journey - Mythicca Part 1

mythicca part 1Using the meditations in Mythicca Part 1, children will enjoy them just as stories, whilst inexperienced and experienced meditators will benefit from the deeper meanings within the scripts - Higher Self, Inner Child & Soul Retrieval (Part 1).

Feelings of relaxation and self empowerment will also be reinforced the more one listens to the multi layerered scripts.

The Second Part of the Journey - Mythicca Part 2

mythicca part 2Mythicca Part 2 deals with self esteem issues, Peer Pressure & Negative Thought-Patterns whilst the connections to the Higher Self & Inner Child characters are strengthened.


"I'm sure I thanked your husband when he delivered the CDs but that was before I had actually heard them, and used them, so whatever I said could not possibly have been adequate in terms of thanks. I want to tell you that, now that I have heard them, and used them, a number of times - and shall certainly do so again. And I think they are wonderful! For me, they work like magic! And it's the first time, in my life, I have found anything like them. I really can't express how grateful I am. There is something about your casts a spell all of its own. Thank you so much."
(J.B. - Radcliffe, Notts.)

"I love the CD; it's the first time I've relaxed in ages."
(J. Porter, Staffs.)

"I really like the CD; I used it one night when I couldn't sleep - where did you get all the names from!"
(Dr. J. Martin - Bestwood, Nottm.)

"How relaxing is this CD? My grandchildren listen at bedtime, and fall asleep. Bliss."
(C.N. - Bingham.)

"This masterpiece of wonder, spiced with wisdom, will inspire and lift you."
(Dr. V.G. – Wollaton - author & lecturer)

"I have found the Mythicca CD to be a great benefit to relaxation and often need only to begin listening to find the stress leaving my body and to start relaxing. Thanks for a wonderful mythical magical journey!"
(A.C. - Canada)

"Rosie opens the doorway into Mythicca and shows you, not only a new world, but a new way of healing. The visual imagery may be our own but it is all down to descriptive narrative, and enchanting sound effects, which allows you to heal without even realising how deep you go. A wonderful place to visit with a wonderful guide. Thank you."
(M.S. – Chilwell)

"Beautiful stories; can't wait to listen to the next CD."
(J.C. – Sherwood)