mythicca part two

Mythicca Part 2Just as before, the meditations are designed to appeal to everyone; children, inexperienced or experienced meditators.

The scripts are multi-layered, incorporating issues surrounding Self-Esteem, Peer Pressure, Negative Thought-Patterns, whilst the Higher Self & Inner Child characters re-appear.

The Traveller is encouraged to "journey deeper within" whilst being supported by friendships and bonds, already forged during the quests of Mythicca Part 1.

Additional resources are also incorporated along the way & new friendships made. Although the potential is there, within the scripts, for some serious "soul searching", the 2 tracks are also light-hearted with an injection of humour, thanks to Nérin's own inimitable style!

For more details see below.

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Listen to extracts

MYTHICCA PART 2 is a single CD consisting of two tracks.

1. The Path of Self-Knowledge (32.53 mins)

2. The Rescue of Kipros (46.06 mins)

For help in listening to these extracts click here.

Text to accompany these extracts can be found here.

About this CD

Once again, Steve Bird, of Pine Tree Studio, has "breathed life" into the scripts with his amazing ability to translate the verbal descriptions into dazzling sound effects, punctuating the subtle background chords which stimulate the alpha waves, required for  relaxation.

If anything, the music, engineering & sound effects are "bigger & better" than ever! We have had great fun producing the latest tracks & I'm so glad that Keith (Shadowhawk) Adams instigated our meeting.

Alan Clough Art

Asqalon - Artist Alan CloughI'm also delighted to announce that the uniquely talented Visionary artist, Alan Clough, is also interpreting Mythiccan characters & regions in his own inimitable, breath-taking style.

The mesmerizing wolves, who grace the new CD cover, (see above) are his creation.

The picture is of Asqalon the Lion, from the Lion's Arch suburb, beyond the Amun Oasis, near Blayzus, in Flammos.

Alan undertakes commissions and is a regular at many Mind, Body, Spirit Fairs.

Starting the Journey - Mythicca Part 1

mythicca part 1Using the meditations in Mythicca Part 1, children will enjoy them just as stories, whilst inexperienced and experienced meditators will benefit from the deeper meanings within the scripts - Higher Self, Inner Child & Soul Retrieval (Part 1).

Feelings of relaxation and self empowerment will also be reinforced the more one listens to the multi layerered scripts.

Continuing the Journey - Mythicca Part 3

mythicca part 3Mythicca Part 3 deals with the importance of colour and there are references to the Ascended Masters & associated hierarchy, like Elohim, Arch Angels & also fairies.

The Protection track may be viewed as having Wiccan overtones...or is it an Angelic theme? It's your journey, decide!

I regard Spiritual Protection as extremely important and this track will stand the Traveller in good stead for the challenge presented by the Shadow Creatures in "Hurricana." (Mythicca Part 4).

The concepts of Twin-Flames / Split-Aparts / Male-Female Balance in all things are also addressed and entwined with Cardinal Points & Elements.

The Garden of Tranquillity emphasizes the importance of looking within to connect to the Inner Peace & Wisdom of the True Self.


"I think the 2nd CD is great. The story is lovely. Your voice is like music, gentle & soothing; it relaxes me straight away. It's hard for me to relax when the pain is bad (which I need to do, to get relief); your CD is the best thing for that."
(Janet - Stoke)

"Hi, listened to you on Radio Nottingham this morning; thought you were great so logged on to eBay to buy CD."
(A.U. - Gedling)

"I very much enjoyed your demonstration, this weekend, at the Fenton exhibition (Stoke). I purchased the CD & feel I will gain a lot from it; there are lots of layers to it, particularly the Inner Child work, which I think will help me...Thank you for sharing your gift."

"I found that the enchanting stories help me to relax, which is something I have not done for so long that I had forgotten what it felt like. Meditation is totally new to me and with the help of the stories I intend to delve further".
(J.R. - Bingham)

"Magical and imaginative - it always makes me focus on beautiful colours and brings about deep relaxation."
(D.S. - Thurgaton)

"Beautiful presentation, lovely voice, very professional."
(H.J. - Nottm.)

"Beautiful voice, enjoyable, calming."
(M.M. - Nottm.)

"Beautiful, original & magical guided meditations; a joy to listen & relax to."
(Therasa - Derby)

"Perfect in every way. Many thanks."
Cathy - Middlesex

"Nice delivery, very calming, a nice insight into meditation, of which I know nothing."
(T.Y. - Nottm.)

"Thank you for a truly magical meditation CD. I felt I was taking a magic carpet ride deep into the mysteries of my inner self. The characters are warm and friendly, like old welcoming friends. You have a wonderful gift. Thank you for sharing it. Lo-Li-Pe-Su."
(Christine M. - Bingham)