photonic acupressure

Photonic AcupressurePhotonic Therapy is the scientifically advanced form of acupuncture, using infra-red light (660nm) instead of needles, to stimulate recognised acupuncture points, safely and painlessly - therefore stimulating the body's own, natural healing abilities.

Photonic Acupressure was created by one of the most highly qualified acupuncturists and vets in Australia, Dr. Brian McLaren. He initially developed the therapy for animals but adapted it for people. He works closely with "Horse Whisperer" Pat Parelli. There have been thousands of satisfied clients - bipeds and quadrupeds!

Many vets now use acupuncture, and many GPs refer patients for acupuncture at pain clinics. Acupuncture & Acupressure are recognised as effective therapies today and work well along-side orthodox healthcare, thereby expanding treatment options.

Photonic Acupressure can help with countless conditions including:

Arthritis, Asthma, Allergies, bleeding, Blood Pressure (high/low), Bronchitis, Epilepsy, Cholesterol, Headaches/Migraines, Insomnia, Anxiety, Tension, Nausea, Digestive Problems, IBS, Sunstroke, Hiatus Hernia, Sciatica, Stomach Ulcers, Diabetes, Stroke, Common Colds, Shingles, Throat Infections, Various Eye Problems, PMT, Strains & Sprains throughout the body, Acne, Eczema, Scar Reduction, Skin problems, Reduced Energy Levels, Fatigue, Circulation, Sinusitis, Parkinson's Gall Stones, Weight Loss, Appetite Reduction / Increase.

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How does Photonic Acupressure work?

Photonic Therapy is the scientific application of light, to particular areas of the skin of increased electrical conductivity to produce particular physiological results.

Information constantly floods the brain through our senses. The brain has the ability to switch off and ignore these signals. It is the same with pain. If a condition goes on for more than 4 to 6 weeks, the brain learns to accept the problem. The energy of light (photons) is tranformed into electrical energy by the connective tissue under the skin. This electrical energy is transmitted to the brain by the nerves.

Stimulating specific combinations of points on the skin will cause the brain to release particular hormones and other chemicals, (endorphins and the body's own anti-inflammatory steriods) to relieve pain, increase immune response, and promote healing.

Why Use Light?

Certain light wave-lengths seem to have special abilities to produce energy deep within cells. This energy releases important healing chemicals that go to work repairing cell damage, allowing injuries to be healed without pain, drugs or invasive treatments.

These light wavelengths must be carefully set in the 660nm range of infrared light for maximum healing effect. Treatment duration is also an important parameter. The infra-red band has the ability to penetrate skin and stimulate classic acupuncture points in much the same way that an acupuncture needle works.

As the infra-red light passes through the skins, its wavelength is altered, creating the stimulating effect upon body tissue at the cellular level, initiating the re-opening of healing processes.

Photonics is extremely effective on its own but may be successfully combined, and beneficially combined with:

Case Histories

Spartacus, 15 yr old cat

case history catSpartacus was taken to the vet as his quality of life was rapidly diminishing due to arthritis. The following is taken from the vet's report (which is available for perusal):

17.03.03. Having stiffness and inco-cordination on hind legs. Has very stiff hips and discomfort in lumbar spine at about L2/3.

27.05.03. Examination after photonic acupressure (2 sessions). Has gained weight and no longer walks with previous stiffness. Treatment appears to have been of benefit, generally... Overall appearance and demeanor have improved.

Martin Grace, B. Vet Med. MRCVS Woodborough Road, Nottingham. Spartacus lived happily for 2 and a half years.

20 yr old throughbred horse

case history horseThis horse had bilateral "blown" front tendons and was written-off by the vet; euthanasia advised May 03.

Although he will never be ridden again, he was able to straighten his left front leg after 4 sessions of photonics, combined with Ma'at Sekhem / Reiki. As his pain level reduced, he gained weight, condition and quality of life. His vet was amazed.


"Thanks you so much for what you have done for Charlie; I'm so grateful. He seems a lot more himself."
(D.J.S. Nottm.) (Charlie cat was treated for a badly strained back leg, with Photonic Acupressure & Egyptian Reiki.)

"The treatment for a knee ligament strain was painless, quick and carried out with no discomfort...It was strange as it didn't feel like anything was happening - nothing invasive and it could be carried out anywhere. I feel it definitely helped."
(S.C.H. - Nottingham, treated in the stable yard!)

"I can't believe it! Bilbo Baggins is able to hunt again! He RAN and caught a rabbit this morning!"
(A.H. - Woodborough, Nottm & 15 yr old arthritic stable cat.)

"Rosie used acupressure on me to ease the symptoms of hay fever, on my toddler to help her asthmatic tendencies and on small tendon injury on my horse. After treatment, I was able to stop my medication for 1-2 days. I currently take antihistamine all year to ease allergic symptoms."
(D.A.B. - Nottingham.)

"Thank you for treating my pony "Solo"; the photonic acupressure has definitely helped with his breathing allergy."
(H.L. - Nottingham.)

"After photonic acupressure, I was able to stop my asthma inhaler for 2 days. Usually, I have to use it at least 4 times in a day. Amazing."
(S.H.T. - Nottingham.)

"Within a few hours of treatment he was a different foal! He was perky and happy again."
(Helen - Southwell and foal with a hock injury.)

"Rosie used several healing techniques, including photonic acupressure...Two years on, Monty still benefits from Rosie's visits."
(Jo - Stapleford & arthritic dog)