the soul's butterfly

The Soul's ButterflyWritten after being visited, several times, by a beautiful African Monarch butterfly, near the pool, whilst on holiday in Egypt, "The Soul's Butterfly" is a short story and poem, containing inspirational words that may provide comfort and hope in times of great sorrow.

TRACK 1 (story & poem) - 6min 30secs.
TRACK 2 (poem only) - 2min 20secs.

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What people have said about this CD

Butterfly"I'd just like to thank you for The Soul's Butterfly. What an amazing gift you have - I feel very lucky to have met you and to have a copy of this CD in my collection. I listen to it often and it always makes me sob, but that's no bad thing eh?!"
(L.C. - Sherwood, Nottm.)

"Thank you so much for The Soul's Butterfly, it's beautiful, really touching! Yesterday was the burial of the ashes in a stunning forest in Dorset, it was a really nice day...The strangest thing happened. After the ceremony, part of my family decided to walk back up to my Nan's final resting place after everyone else had gone, and whilst walking up, a butterfly, the same colourings as the one in your picture hovered about and looped around me a few times, I didn't think of it at first but later realised it was connected in some way to your poem? Now I feel that I've found some peace in it, so thank you, it's really meant a lot to me x"
(N.J. - Brighton)

"I got through the poem with no tears...the most ironic bit was just as we were about to leave the chapel/room, I turned towards the window and there was the most beautiful, delicate sun-shower! It only lasted a few moments, but the timing was uncanny. Met a lady yesterday who was my 3 nieces' headteacher; she complimented me on the poem and asked if I'd written it, I told her of your involvement and she asked me to pass on her thanks for letting everyone hear it! (How nice was that?)
(K.S. - Swansea)

"I'm typing this with tears streaming but I'm smiling too. Love the poem & in all honesty I wish that I could've read that out at my uncle's funeral. It's lovely. Can't type anything more at the moment but THANKS!"

"That's really beautiful. Thank you so much. I'll use it at the service if it's ok with you."

"I will be forever in your debt for the beautiful poem you sent me when my darling brother passed away in March".

"Beautiful, absolutely beautiful, hold on to those words, they are so true".

"Thanks, that poem was beautiful. It means a lot".

"Just beautiful; got me in tears & that takes some doing. God bless".

"I hear my brother speak & I am at a loss for words. Thank you".

"Very touching".

"Absolutely Beautiful, thank you for sharing".

"That is fabulous. It really is a wonderful poem and thanks for the story behind it. Great that it has brought (and is still bringing) comfort to many".

"Wonderful words; so grateful for your loving thoughts".